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An implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone.
It can be used as a pillar for click dentures or as an artificial root for under a crown.
At City Mondzorg, the designated dentists for this is Mlodecki.

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We dedicate a lot of time to providing explanations and discussing treatment alternatives. It is very important to us that you know where you stand when you have an implant inserted.
Dentist Mlodecki is an implantologist accredited by the Dutch Society for Oral Implantology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Orale Implantologie, NVOI), which is a registry listing the most experienced implantologists.



Some of the benefits of implants



Implants replace the roots of the teeth. As a result, the bone will not shrink and you won't get sunken mouth.


Implants restore your natural chewing ability.


Crowns on implants feel, function and look exactly the same as your own teeth.


With an implant, no healthy teeth are affected, as is the case with a bridge.

Alles wat u moet weten over implantaten


Our approach is simple. During the introductory consultation, it will be determined as to whether the application of implants is suitable for you. Before implants can be applied, an extensive examination will take place. We will check whether you are in good general health and determine the condition of the jawbone and gums. We will then determine whether implantation is an option, which implant is suitable and how many implants are needed.

All of the details will be recorded in a treatment plan. The plan will indicate exactly who is doing what and when particular procedures should take place. In principle, the implementation of the plan will take place at our clinic. If we need any support from other specialists, we will arrange it for you. We will be your point of contact. We will ensure that all risks have been assessed and that the quality and aesthetics of your teeth are guaranteed through periodic evaluations.

In short: City Mondzorg is your personal guide from the introduction to the end result.

What is a dental implant?

An implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone. It can be used as a pillar for click dentures or as an artificial root for under a crown.

When should you get an implant?

Implantation treatment can be done in any case when a tooth is pulled
(in dentist terms: extracted). You can even undergo the procedure if you have been missing a tooth or molar for a longer period of time.

What does treatment by an implantologist look like?

The treatment always starts with a preliminary interview and a 3D photo - a CBCT. 
Based on the photo, it can be determined as to whether an implant can be placed,
whether there is enough bone present and whether any bone needs to be added (bone buildup).

Implant placement is performed under local anaesthetics - the same anaesthetics you are given when filling a tooth.

The procedure itself is completely painless. 

Why would you get an implant?

If you are missing one or more teeth, having an implant inserted is an ideal solution. Inserting an implant allows for a whole new tooth to be built. Your own teeth will not be affected, as would be the case with, for instance, making a bridge. 

How much do implants cost?

We are all different, so each treatment plan is tailor-made.
The cost of treatment can therefore vary per person - the implantologist will always create
a quote for you after an introductory interview has taken place. 

The benefits and drawbacks of implants:

Implants come with few drawbacks and there is no better way to replace your own teeth.
Nevertheless, the tissue around the implants can become inflamed if oral hygiene is neglected. This is why we feel it is important to see every patient regularly for check-ups.

What is the lifespan of implants?

Our oral hygiene and overall health can determine the lifespan of implants. The risks are estimated in advance and it is therefore extremely rare that the implants are lost.

Are implants covered by insurance?

The implants are only covered for patients with dentures or in exceptional cases - such as when a tooth was lost at a young age due to an accident, or when not all teeth have taken root. The dentist will submit an application to the insurance company.
If authorised, the implants and the click dentures or crown are largely paid for by the insurance company. The patient will always have to pay for some of it themselves- their excess and any own-risk (if this has already been used up). The pay-out will be made under the basic insurance.
City Mondzorg's implantologist has contracts with multiple insurers, so your excess would be minimal. If you only want to have a single tooth replaced by an implant, you can check with your insurer whether they provide cover for it.

What is an all-on-4?

An all-on-4 or an all-on-6 is a bridge covering 4 or 6 implants.
This means that the new teeth are stuck and cannot be removed - only by the dentist during periodic check-ups. Sometimes the implants can be inserted immediately once the teeth have been extracted. The cost of an all-on construction is not covered by insurance.

What are click dentures?

Click dentures are a prosthesis on top of implants. The prosthesis is removable and can be brushed while held in your hand. 

There are two types of click dentures:
a prosthesis on push buttons or a rod (web). Together with the dental prosthodontist, the dentist will determine which system suits you better.
Click dentures can be covered by basic insurance - but the healthcare provider must apply for it on your behalf.

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