Dental hygienist


City Mondzorg stands for

providing you with the very best of dental care. Innovation in materials, treatment methods, tools and employee development play major parts in this. Our ultimate goal: happy clients with healthy teeth and a radiant smile.

Personal treatment

With us, you won't be just a number. Our team of dentists and assistants strives to know you by name. You can always get an appointment with us quickly. You will get the time and explanation you deserve. In the event of an extensive procedure, the dentist will make an appointment with you to draw up and review a treatment plan.

Dentist sleep physician accredited by the Dutch Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (NVTS).

For a number of years now, our practice has also been treating snoring problems and sleep apnoea. Almost all of the procedures are carried out at our own dental practice in Eindhoven, which means that you won't be needing many referrals from us, making your life easier.

Working on clean and healthy teeth

Naturally, our dentists and assistants aim to provide you with beautifully clean and healthy teeth, but we cannot do this alone. Much of the health of your teeth depends on you. We will gladly advise you on everything you can do to take good care of your teeth and gums. With your commitment and our expertise, we can work together to achieve the best results.

Specialist Dentistry

City Mondzorg is highly specialised, particularly in the fields of implantology and prosthetics. Dentists from other practices as well as health insurers regularly refer clients to us due to these expertise.
Our vision is to ensure optimal chewing function with the help of implants and dental prostheses of which comfort and aesthetics are an important part.

Payment  (Horst 18 - Veldhoven)

 You must pay the invoices for your treatment to us on site. This can be done by direct debit, card or in cash. You can submit the invoice to your health insurer yourself. In the case of extensive treatments for which authorisation is required, the invoices will be invoiced directly to the health insurer.

Payment  (Edenstraat)

At our practice, we want to give you our full attention and proper care. This is why we work with Infomedics to send and collect our invoices. This means that you will receive the invoice for your treatment from Infomedics. 




Oral hygiene